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Plain Truth - Jodi Picoult This is a story about 39 year-old lawyer, Ellie Hathaway, a young Amish girl, Katie Fisher, accused of murdering her newborn baby, and the Amish community.When a newborn baby is found dead and hidden in a barn on an Amish dairy farm, all signs point to young, unmarried, Katie Fisher. A police and medical investigation firmly prove that Katie was in fact pregnant and recently gave birth: a fact she adamantly denies.Meanwhile, Ellie, who has just finished up a stressful case, is seeking rest and relaxation with her former Amish aunt (who also happens to be Katie's aunt!) By what eventually will seem like fate, Ellie has herself a new case to work on. This also means Ellie has to become apart of Katie's world. This creates a challenge for every person involved.Writing: The writing, like Picoult's always is, was great. Everything flowed smoothly and was full of detail. She did a wonderful job writing about the Amish community and did it in a way that the reader should have no problem imagining themselves right there on a farm.Plot: The plot wasn't entirely unique... it made Amy Efaw's After come to mind often, but the fact that it dealt with an Amish girl put an interesting spin on it. The first part is very psychologically and emotionally based; the hows and whys and theories. If psychology is your thing, this book is for you. The second half is more courtroom orientated, but not overdone.Characters: Katie, even though she is accused of such a horrendous crime, is still written in a way that you can't help but still like her and hope she didn't do it. I understood her and sympathized with her the entire time. Ellie, however, there were times I did like her and times I didn't. It honestly didn't take away from enjoying the overall story.