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16 Lighthouse Road (Cedar Cove Series #1)

16 Lighthouse Road - Debbie Macomber This is the first book in the Cedar Cover series and also my first read by Debbie Macomber. Let's just say that I am hooked. I adore Macomber's writing style. This is one of those books you curl up with on a cold night with tons of blankets and a cup of cocoa and just enjoy reading. I read this right after finishing Insurgent and it was perfect to clear my mind and lighten the mood.There are so many characters and stories told in this book and Macomber does an excellent job with each one. There were a few characters' stories I was into deeper (Ian/Cecelia and Grace), I loved every character. Charlotte was absolutely adorable! Macomber has such a way of making you love her characters and making you wish you could live in Cedar Cove and have friendships with these people yourself.This one is a little difficult to review because of the many different story lines, but if you enjoy a light adult contemporary with family, romance, friendships, and betrayls, I definitely recommend 16 Lighthouse Road.