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Crash  - Nicole  Williams Two words: Jude Ryder. Review over.Okay, seriously though, I loved this book! I was completely sucked into this tragic, dysfunctional, passionate, and sweet romance between Lucy and Jude. I began reading and didn't move until I finished the last page just a few hours later. This story had me smiling from ear to ear, laughing out loud, so frustrated, and on the verge of tears, all in the span of 322 pages. I definitely did not go into this expecting to come away loving it this much.Lucy was a great main character for me. I loved her personality and her dialogue had me laughing so much. I also loved the relationship between Jude and Lucy. Their chemistry was great and believable. Nothing about the relationship or growth of it felt forced to me. In fact, the "normal" parts of their relationship, like when it's not obvious that Jude has many problems, were pretty relatable. I went back and forth with Jude. I began the story really liking him, then not so much for parts in the middle, then really liking him again. The moments where I didn't like him so much were the moments where I didn't fully understand him or his motives yet. Underneath it all, Jude is a very sweet boy capable of loving Lucy very much. Life has just handed him some crappy deals for too long and it's really taken a toll on him. But, I think anyone who has read Crash agrees that by the end life is looking up for him and he truly deserves it.Crash was a rollercoaster ride if I ever read one. This thing goes up and down and all around so much, but that's what makes it so addicting. That's what kept me in place for hours reading. Sometimes that technique can make a reader dizzy, but Nicole Williams made it work so well. The entire story line was unpredictable for me and I was surprised by the turn of events quite a few times. Crash was an intense read and I can't wait to see where Williams takes Lucy and Jude in the next installment, Clash.