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Derailed - Alyssa Rose Ivy Holy crap! What a shock this was. I was not expecting to fall in love with Derailed this much, but I definitely did. I absolutely could not put this one down. Alyssa Rose Ivy created a sweet and touching yet realistic contemporary that I was absolutely hooked on.First off, I'm a sucker for small town, everybody knows everyone's business, settings. Clayton Falls doesn't disappoint. I also love the high school sweethearts concept, which we also get a good dose of. Alyssa Rose Ivy handles the situation between Molly and Ben (the HS love) fantastically. The whole progression of their relationship after Molly returns to Clayton falls is realistic and believable. And it's handled in a way where the reader isn't left with "Uhm.. what about Adam, your dead fiance!" There are some moments and some information revealed which was very heart-wrenching at times but the author did such a beautiful job with it.These characters were wonderful. They were the kind of group that I would want to be friends with myself. I can't get enough of their stories. I'm a officially a fan and have already started reading the next in the series: Veer. This was a beautiful and addicting contemporary that I recommend to all fans of the genre.