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Clash (Crash, #2)

Clash - Nicole  Williams I was so addicted to this book! I began reading it right before a dinner date with my boyfriend and had to struggle to put it down to go. Then all through dinner all I could think about was getting back home to continue on with my reading. Needless to say, I finished the entire thing in one sitting after the dinner.Nicole Williams is a fantastic writer who has no problem taking the reader through every emotion that they are supposed to go through. I felt everything Lucy was feeling as she was feeling it and I think that's a wonderful thing for a writer to be able to accomplish. When Lucy was heartbroken, so was I. When she was infuriated, so was I. This may have contributed to an unnecessary increase in blood pressure, but so be it. I can't get enough of Jude's and Lucy's story. Even though this was one of the most frustrating books I've read in a very long time.Jude's Spirit Sister, Adriana Vix, is a nasty, crappy person and just found herself on my most hated character list. Every scene with her was so frustrating and you just want to reach inside the book and pull her hair out. AHH! But anyway...By the end though I was completely satisfied and content with the way the story was heading and now I'm way too anxious for the third installment. If you haven't read Crash yet and if you love intense contemporary love stories, please pick it up! Very worth it.