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The Vincent Boys

The Vincent Boys  - Abbi Glines Ooh, what is there to say about The Vincent Boys except that I loved it. This was my first book by Abbi Glines and as soon as I finish The Vincent Brothers I won't hesitate to read more by her. This was everything I look for in a great contemporary. Great characters, interesting storyline/setting, super cute boys, and an awesome romance.This was another one of those addicting stories that I read through in one sitting. The pace was perfect and never slowed down, keeping the pages turning. There are some issues explored here that don't sit well with many people i.e. cheating, but the way Abbi Glines handled it, I was fully able to understand how and why it happened. I couldn't help but feel a little heartbroken for the sweetie that is Sawyer Vincent, but at the same time I know he's not a good match for Ashton.But what really makes this book is the characters. They are all awesome and well-developed. I really liked Ashton and she was easy to relate to. And, of course, any girl would absolutely love both of the Vincent boys! Even the secondary characters, like Lana, are great. I recommend this to anyone looking for a well-written, guilty-pleasure, YA contemporary.