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Pushing the Limits - I hurried to read Pushing the Limits, because I'm super interested in the Katie McGarry's Dare You To. With all the amazing reviews I read of Pushing the Limits, this really wasn't what I was expecting. I know I have a definite minority opinion with a 3.5 review, but I just couldn't get super into it.That isn't to say I didn't like it, because I did, but it was in a ebb and flow pattern. There were times where I didn't want to put it down and times where I struggled to want to pick it up again. I don't even know what to pinpoint that made me not love it. The story was interesting and so where the characters, I think it just slowed down a little too much at times. I couldn't quite get into the dual perspective, either. I found myself so much for interested in Echo's point-of-view over Noah's. Every time it was an Noah chapter I just wanted to get back to Echo. I really, really liked Noah as a character and as the male love interest, just not so much as a narrator. Echo's story with her parents and her history absorbed me more than Noah and his brothers. But I must say, Noah is definitely one of the more realistic and true-to-real-life male characters in contemporary.The secondary characters were also great. I loved Lila as Echo's best friend and Isiah and Beth as Noah's. And apparently Dare You To isn't Beth/Isiah: ohmygoshwhat?! I trust that Katie McGarry knows what she's doing though!Overall, this was a very well-written emotional contemporary with some touching and heart-wrenching moments. I definitely recommend it because like I said before, I can't even explain exactly what made me not love it. Most likely, I just wasn't in the mood for this kind of story at the time. I'm still really looking forward to Dare You To. (: