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Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry Series #1)

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles I really enjoyed this one. I held off reading it for the longest time thinking that it probably wasn't my type of thing, but it was. The use of short, dual-perspective chapters made it a very quick read that consistently held my attention. I loved reading about both Brittany's and Alex's back stories. They come from very different backgrounds but when they come together they find they aren't so different after all. They both find themselves trying to portray a certain image to the world; images that don't exactly match who they really are. Together though, they don't have to hide or pretend.This was a very sweet, but roller coaster of a story and I was rooting for them the whole time. I'll definitely find time to read the next two in the series. Sorry for such a short review, but some time has passed since finishing this one. Just one to put it out there that it is an enjoyable story and perfect for those readers who enjoy a good contemporary love story.More reviews at http://backporchreader.blogspot.com