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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally Okay, so I sat down to start this book with the intent that I'd just read a few chapters. I only meant to take a break from the other book I was reading at the time. Well, that plan didn't work out too well because a few hours later of straight reading I was completely finished with Catching Jordan and completely in love with Miranda Kenneally's story-telling.Jordan is so different from the majority of the other contemporary protagonists I'm used to reading about. She's a football player and her entire world pretty much revolves around getting recruited to Alabama. She's definitely "one of the guys" right down to the slang she uses and the clothes she wears. I really liked her though. When it came down to having a crush on Ty she was absolutely no different than any other girl.All the boys were awesome, too. Each one had their own little personality and I loved all the scenes with them. Henry, Carter, and JJ were all very fun characters! They definitely reminded me of everyday boys in my own life.And the romance. Loved it! All of it! So adorable! I honestly had no idea, even up to the end, where the romance was going. But they way it worked out was very sweet and perfect. Not going to give any more details than that so as not to spoil it for those that haven't read it. I will definitely be picking up more of Miranda Kenneally's books and I'm very excited to do just that. I can definitely see her becoming one of my favorite contemporary authors.More at http://backporchreader.blogspot.com