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Destroy Me

Destroy Me - I really enjoyed getting to read from Warner's point-of-view. It really did change my outlook on him and his plans. This is one of the first times that I have read the novella that comes between books. I haven't read Unravel Me yet and I'm very glad I read Destroy Me first. I don't know if it'll effect how I'd otherwise feel about Unravel Me but I love having the extra information about Warner's side of the story. I'll be honest; I really couldn't stand Warner at all in Shatter Me. I found him to be pathetic and terrible. While now I can't exactly say that I like him... I do understand him a whole lot better. He has a back story, just like anyone else; a reason behind his actions. His motives aren't all like they seem from Juliette's point-of-view in the first book. Destroy Me definitely made me soften towards Warner.Just like with Shatter Me, the writing is well-done. I actually enjoyed the writing in this one even more. Warner's thoughts aren't quite as scattered and flow smoother than Juliette's. If you were a big fan of Shatter Me, I recommend reading this novella, even if it's just for some extra time in this world. You get a lot of extra history that you wouldn't otherwise get in the regular novels.More at http://backporchreader.blogspot.com