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The Winter Sea

The Winter Sea - Susanna Kearsley Plot: Author Carrie McClelland rents a cottage on a Scottish coast to help her get into the feel on her newest historical novel. Carrie is used to her characters "speaking" to her as she is writing a new book, but this time, it's a little different; a little more intense- almost creepy. Her main character is based on one of her actual ancestors: Sophia Patterson- and oddly enough EVERYTHING she writes in her novel somehow turns out to be completely correct in history. What's really going in here? Could memories from a distant relative actually be passed down through the family line.....?The book alternates between Carries present time and what appear to be "excerpts" from her book (Sophia's past). I loved both female characters, but by the time I finished, I fell in love with Sophia's story a lot more than Carrie's and really looked forward to the Sophia chapters. This book moves fast! I've read so many though the years that I'm usually VERY good at predicting outcomes, but this one has twists and turns I didn't even see coming! This one was also extremely refreshing and unique from everything else I've been reading lately. It has a lot of sweet romance without being smutty (a big plus!) and I really did get close to the characters and cared what was happening to them.I applaud Kearsely for weaving together these two different plots so seamlessy and for creating a story that I was actually sad to finish reading.