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The Help - Kathryn Stockett The Help alternates point-of-view between three women: Aibileen, Skeeter,and Minny.Skeeter is a young, white woman; a graduate from Ole Miss; and she dreams of being a writer. Skeeter's mother could care less about her degree and only wanted her to go to college to meet a husband. When she returns home without one, she is constantly harrassed about her hair and clothing and pressured to get a ring on her finger. Even though she has nothing impressive to put on a resume, she sends one off to a prestigous publishing company in New York anyway. A head woman there, taking pity on Skeeter, sends her a letter telling her to find something she cares about and write about it. From there, the idea for her one book (eventually titled, Help) begins to be born.Aibileen is an older, black maid who is currently working for Elizabeth Leefolt, raising her 17th white child. Aibileen discusses how things inside her are beginning to change ever since she lost her own child in a working accident. It makes her sad to see how little affection Elizabeth shows to her little girl and inspires Aibileen to make up for it.Minny is a younger, black maid who is widely known for being very sassy to the white women she works for. She is enemies with one of the most important white woman, Miss Hilly, after an unfortunate (for Hilly) "pie incident" and lives in constant fear Hilly will ruin her life.The novel tells the story of how this three women come together and connect while writing a book that could potentially change the way of life for all of them, whether good or bad. The book finally gives a voice to the black maids in the community and opens the eyes of some of the white women they work for. It also allows Skeeter also break free of her community standards and become the woman she truly wants to be.I really loved reading about all of these womens' stories and seeing how they grow and develop throughout. It's a very touching story with some heavy issues, but it's not written in a heavy way. I really enjoyed this book, but I only give five stars to books that really stick with me after I read them. The books I'm still thinking about days later. The books that make me run for a box of tissues or laugh out loud. This one didn't QUITE make it there, but it was close. I also didn't care much for the ending. It was way to abrupt for me and left me with questions unanswered.