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Splintered - A.G. Howard Ooh, what to say about this wonderful book! I'm such an Alice In Wonderland fan: the books and movies, etc. Let's just say that this take on the story didn't disappoint. A.G. Howard came through as an amazing story-teller with her debut novel. Howard uses the original tale as a guideline but manages to make this version of Wonderland all her own. And this one is even more creepily fantastic. It was so much fun journeying through this "new" Wonderland with Alyssa and Jeb and meeting the inhabitants of this world. One of the greatest things about this novel are the plot twists. In true Wonderland fashion, nothing is at it seems. You're just frolicking along with Alyssa thinking you know what's going to happen next, etc, and then bam, uhm no. I definitely had a few "edge-of-my-seat" moments, especially in the last quarter of the book.By the end of the book I was disappointed to leave this story. I still wanted more. Honestly, it ended so perfectly though and I felt everything got wrapped up nicely. This would have been fantastic as a stand-alone so I'm not sure how a sequel is going to work. I won't complain about another chance to be in Wonderland, however.This was a short review, but it's truly one of those books that a reader needs to experience on their own. I definitely recommend everyone that is into this type of genre to read this book, meet the characters and get absorbed in this world.