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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Okay, I gave this a rating of 3 out of 5 on January 27 when I finished reading. Looking back, I really don't remember why only 3. If I were to rate it now after letting it set for almost a month it would get at least a 4. It was definitely a memorable story with memorable characters that I know I really enjoyed. There must have been something off for me at the point when I rated, but considering I can't remember whatever the flaw was, shows it wasn't too big of a deal.Honestly, it was probably the repetitiveness and crossing out of words that brought the rating down. For me, it took away from the flow of the story. Other readers may really enjoy this type of writing style. I will admit it added a touch of a poetic flair.I found the storyline to be most engaging the middle. It built up, peaked, then declined again. Oh, but I quite enjoyed the last few chapters also which built up to the next book in the series. It was the characters which really made this novel. Each character was developed so beautifully and each came into there own so well. There's few books where I enjoy each character for their own traits so much.I have to add that I really enjoyed the romance, too. (:I'll be looking forward to Unravel Me!More at http://backporchreader.blogspot.com