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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily - Jodi Lynn Anderson Characters: The characters provide such an emotional rollercoaster. Some I loved [the lost boys, Tink], some I hated [WENDY!!, Smee], some I loved but wanted to scream at sometimes [Tiger Lily, Peter], and some that tugged at my heart strings [Tik Tok, Pine Sap]. There are so many unique and diverse characters in this story and each one really did leave and impression on me.Writing/Tone: Beautiful, lyrical, raw, funny in some places and heartwrenching in others, descriptive enough to feel you're actually in this worldSetting: I absolutely fell in love with the whole world of Neverland. We get faeries, different tribes, mermaids, the lost boys, the pirates, and so much more. (We even get to see the crocodile for a second!!!)A gorgeous representation of first love and all the moments that come after.Everytime I had to set this book down, I still had the story in the back of my mind. A definite re-read one day.