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Cold Kiss

Cold Kiss - Amy Garvey I won this book, along with its sequel, Glass Heart, from Epicreads.com and I am so glad I did; otherwise I may have missed out on a really enjoyable read. I think this is definitely one that needs to get in the hands of more people! It's not very long and I was able to get through it in one evening. I was hooked from the first page.The main character, Wren, has been capable of doing "strange" things for awhile now. The same things she's seen her mother do since childhood. However, there's an unspoken rule to never talk of these things- not to each other and not to others.Wren is completely distraught after losing her boyfriend and first love, Danny, in a car accident. Not thinking about any consequences she uses her special "abilities" to bring him back. The only problem is, he's not really the Danny from before anymore. Wren now has to hide him away while he obsesses over her and only her... but then he starts to remember things...In the meantime, a new boy, Gabriel, transfers in. Somehow he can sense Wrens powers and eventually figures out how she used them. All he wants to do is help her any way he can. All this does is confuse Wren more.If you're looking for a happy book, I suggest running away. The emotions displayed here are so raw and heart-wrenching. Garvey does an excellent job of portraying falling in love for the first time, the loss of that first love, and the confusion of letting go and moving on. I was in tears the entire final few chapters.I really enjoyed Garvey's writing style and the overall feel of the book. I'm really looking forward reading Glass Heart soon because there were some definite unanswered questions I have. (It'll have to wait until I'm finished with the last two Vampire Academys though!)