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Glass Heart - Amy Garvey I adore Amy Garvey's writing style. And this book had me literally laughing out loud many times. But I think Cold Kiss should have been left as a stand-alone. The only real purpose I found was to tie up the loose ends from Cold Kiss. We also see Wren learning about and trying out her magic a lot more. (Robin, too!)I still love Wren and her two friends, Darcia and Jess, but something about how Gabriel is portrayed in Glass Heart made me like him a little less. We do get about three significant new characters in this on but since they are not mentioned in the summary, I'll leave you to meet them on your own. Let's just say I only like one out of the three. Robin, the mom, Aunt Mari, and Mr. Purrfect are still awesome, too.Three stars because I really love the characters, the writing, and the humor. No more than that because I didn't connect with the plot. Cold Kiss was such and intriguing story, but nothing in Glass Heart really left an impression on me. However, it was a really quick read and it was nice to get a ton of questions answered. Because of that, if you really liked the first one, please read this one!I don't know if there is anymore about Wren, Gabriel, and their friends coming, but if there is I will read it. And I can't wait to read more from Amy Garvey.