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Stupid Perfect World

Stupid Perfect World - I am so sad that this isn't a full-length novel. This is a really unique story that I enjoyed immensely.Basically it's a world set far in the future where pretty much every disease, illness, or general "bad" or inconvenient malady is eradicated; even sleep. The kids in a class called Scarcity have to each choose one of these things to endure for awhile. Stupid Perfect World show of the experiences through the eyes of Kieran, who must now sleep, and Maria, who lets her hormones go all wild.It was extremely interesting to read Scott Westerfeld's take on this and the story seriously had be sucked in and left wanting for much more. I found myself so immersed in this world and with these very enjoyable characters that 80-something pages just wasn't enough time.This was, however, my first taste of Westerfeld's work and I really liked what I got. I'll be looking into his novels very, very soon and hopefully getting some more of this great story-telling. Original review at http://backporchreader.blogspot.com